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Founded by Composers

Tunestock was founded by a team of accomplished songwriters and composers, driven by their unwavering passion for music and their commitment to providing superior tracks to content creators and video editors while ensuring fair revenue sharing for their signed composers. What began as a mere idea in 2019 has now blossomed into a fully-realized business plan, thanks to the collective efforts of talented designers, developers, composers, engineers, marketers, copywriters, and other dedicated professionals who worked tirelessly to create something truly exceptional. Tunestock prides itself on offering an exclusive catalog, unavailable anywhere else. As we look to the future, Tunestock aims to see explosive growth in 2023 and beyond, with a goal of becoming the go-to royalty-free music library for content creators and video editors across the globe.

Our Purpose

Help content creators and video and film editors easily find the perfect music to elevate their projects.

Our Mission

Create the world’s best and easiest-to-use catalog of exclusive, premium, emotive music to be licensed for use in film, television, video, live streaming, games, and other media content.

Our Vision

To elevate the world’s content with great music.



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