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Tunestock is seeking talented and motivated composers to join us in building our catalog of premium, emotive music to be licensed for use in film, television, video, live streaming, games, and other media content.

If you would like to submit music for inclusion in our catalog, please carefully review the following submission requirements.

Submission Requirements

  • You must own 100% of the copyright of both the composition and master recording of all tracks you submit. Your music must be free of any third-party rights.
  • Your tracks must be available for exclusive license by Tunestock. We are not accepting music on a nonexclusive basis.
  • We are not accepting music that has already been released on streaming platforms.

Commercial Viability/ Production Music

  • Please don’t pitch music that is unusual, unorthodox, or experimental. Keep in mind that music in popular and current genres is more likely to be licensed than otherwise.
  • If you are submitting music with vocals, know we are not accepting artists’ albums or singles intended for release on streaming platforms, but rather bespoke production music intended for production music libraries and use with accompanying media. If inclusion in a production music library wasn’t your main goal when producing your tracks, it is probably best not to submit.
  • If you do submit production music with lyrics, we cannot accept explicit lyrics, song titles, or artist names.

Production Quality

  • Submissions must sound professionally mixed and produced to be accepted, regardless of the quality of musical composition or arrangement.


  • Music with clear and unique sections, especially using breaks or pauses between sections, is easier to use in editing videos and is more likely to be accepted into our catalog and licensed by content creators.
  • Make sure that you give video editors as many options as possible with musically unique sections. If a section of the music repeats (i.e. a chorus), make sure you distinguish each section somehow. A good rule of thumb is to never let more than four bars repeat without adding some new element of interest.


  • Your music must convey a clear emotion or mood. If your music inspires an emotional reaction, it is much more likely to be accepted to our library and be licensed for media.

Proper Length

  • Please submit tracks that are 2-3 minutes in length only.

Proper Use of Samples/Loops (Splice, etc.)

  • One-shot samples from sound libraries or sample packs that allow for commercial use are acceptable to incorporate into your compositions.
  • Drum and percussion loops from sound libraries or sample packs that allow for commercial use are generally acceptable to incorporate into your compositions, as long as the track contains other drum and percussion elements as well. In other words, your drum/percussion stem can’t be an isolated drum loop from a sample/loop pack, as this could be considered a resale of the sample and a violation of the terms of use of the sample/loop pack.
  • Melodic and vocal loops from sound libraries and sample packs are not acceptable.
  • Vocal hooks or phrases from sound libraries and sample packs are not acceptable.
  • The use of commercial music or audio samples (i.e. James Brown, Michael Jackson, Beatles, dialogue from a film, etc) is not acceptable.

Submit Streaming Links Only

  • Please provide streaming links (Soundcloud, Dropbox, etc) only. We will not download any files to listen to a submission.

Review Process & Approval

  • All music will be reviewed by our team. If your track is accepted to be included in our catalog, you will be contacted with information about the next steps.
  • We will work hard to respond in a timely manner to every submission, but due to the high volume of submissions, please allow up to four weeks for a response.
  • Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot offer specific feedback for tracks that are not accepted.

Payment Terms

As musicians ourselves, fair compensation is a major priority. Tunestock composers will receive 50% of gross revenue with NO deductions from your share regardless of promotions or expenses we incur.

For example, if the price of a license for a given track is $49, and Tunestock runs a promotion offering it for $29, the composer would still be paid 50% of $49. We never deduct from your 50% for ANYTHING, including mixing and mastering, ad costs, promotions, processing fees, or any other expenses incurred by Tunestock. These expenses are ALWAYS deducted from Tunestock’s 50%. 

Note on royalties. Tunestock is a “royalty-free” music library, meaning that the licensee of a track is not subject to the payment of royalties. However, if a track is licensed for use in broadcast, the broadcaster is subject to reporting of music usage to the relevant performing rights organizations (P.R.O.). In these cases, Tunestock composers are of course entitled to 100% of the writer’s share of royalties, and Tunestock is entitled to 100% of the publishing share. Composers must be affiliated with a P.R.O. to receive royalties. 

We are excited to hear your music! If your tracks are accepted, we will give you information about next steps. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, feel free to contact us.

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