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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions when visiting our website and purchasing royalty-free music. If you have questions that aren't answered on this page, please let us know!

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What does "royalty free" mean? 

"Royalty free" means that once you purchase a license for a track, you are allowed to use it without having to pay any ongoing fees for each subsequent use. In other words, you pay for the initial license and can use the music for as long as you want, within the scope of the usage of the license you purchased, without incurring any additional costs.

Is your music "copyright free?"

Although our music is "royalty free" it is not copyright free. Tunestock and/or its composers retain ownership of the copyright for all music. Music tracks can be used by purchasers in accordance with the license purchased.  

Is your music "exclusive" and if so, what does that mean? 

Yes, Tunestock's catalog of music is 100% exclusive, which means that you won't find this music anywhere else. 

Can I download free demos to try in my productions?

Yes, every track page allows for the download of a preview track so that you can sample the music within your project. Look for the download icon in the top right of the track detail page. 

Can I customize the tracks for my project? 

If you have purchased a "Track w/ Shorts & Stems" you will be provided with shorts (15s, 30s, 60s, and a Stinger) and stems for all the tracks, which will allow you to customize the track for your needs. These customizations must be in accordance with the license you purchased as well as copyright laws. 

Do you provide custom music? 

Please visit our Contact page about what your needs are and someone from our team will reach out. Depending on the project, we may be able to arrange a custom music contract. 

If I make a purchase, will I receive my music immediately? 

Yes. Once you complete your checkout, you will be taken to a landing page where you can immediately download your track(s). Your purchased tracks will also be available via a link in your order confirmation email. 

Is your music created with industry-standard audio specifications? 

Yes, our music is prepared for you according to specific, industry-standard guidelines, which are detailed on our Audio Specifications page. 


After I make a purchase, will I receive a copy of your full license? 

Yes, each track download comes with a PDF copy of our entire music license, which details all of the license levels and their individual allowances. 

After purchasing a track, can others in my company use the same track for another project? 

Tracks can be used multiple times, in accordance with the terms of the specific license purchased, however, tracks should not be stored on a company drive for company-wide use, and should only be stored with any files maintained on the specific project(s) for which the music was purchased. Additionally, tracks should not be passed around to different departments within the same company that operate on separate budgets. Please send us a message if you have any additional questions. 

How long does the license that I purchased remain in force?

When you purchase a license, you are gaining the right to use the track forever, in accordance with the terms of the license you purchased. And to quote Prince, forever is a "mighty long time."

What different license options do you offer?

We have 3 different license options: Regular, Professional, and Extended. To learn the usage types available with each license, visit our Licensing page.